School and Philosophical Growth

Captain Jean-Luc Picard: A lot has changed in the past three hundred years. People are no longer obsessed with the accumulation of things. We’ve eliminated hunger, want, the need for possessions. We’ve grown out of our infancy.
Ralph Offenhouse: You’ve got it all wrong. It has never been about possessions. It’s about power.
Captain Jean-Luc Picard: Power to do what?
Ralph Offenhouse: To control your life, your destiny.
Captain Jean-Luc Picard: That kind of control is an illusion.

Now, I don’t intend my writings to be political in nature but this is something that I care about deeply and the world we reside on, that we as a species are killing, needs saving. This isn’t going to change until people and their philosophical outlook evolves, which brings me to something that has been at the forefront of my thought for sometime now.

I hated school, most of what I learnt was pointless, it had no bearing on the real world and well, it never interested or stimulated me, intellectually or creatively. I was always the one staring wistfully out of the window pondering greater things then being told off for thinking critically and using my imagination, only to be brought back to reality to find the value of x, wondering what it’s relevance is and why everyone is so keen to find out. 15 years have past and I still don’t know. The current system doesn’t cater to individuals needs and interests, in most cases it stunts their creativity, interest in learning and turns us into a cog in the machine, a slave to international prosperity and economic growth.

The key to change, I believe, starts with the education system and if a new system was put in place that focussed on individuals, the type of person they are, their interests and outlook, strengths and weaknesses, then you would have people growing up knowing more about themselves, what they want and what they’re passionate about. In my opinion this would change the whole philosophy of generations to come, they’re drive wouldn’t be for money or material things but it would be in the pursuit and betterment of themselves and their world, hopefully leading to a world in which we all want to live in and maybe, eventually, we too will grow out of our infancy.


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