Unhappy Blue Sphere!

Obligatory happiness looms,
We’ve survived another turn.
The poor consumed by the powerful,
Murders in OUR name!
You’re a slave to your cell and the world is in flames,
But it’s okay, close your eyes,
We’ve survived another turn.


Balanced turmoil

Rainbows and shadow, butterflies and bats,
Snips and snails and all things nice,
A refreshing breeze and destructive fire,
Blood in the snow, petals in the ash,
Everything at once and nothing at all,
Save the world and let it burn!
Joyful sadness and a blissful cry.
The eternal conflict that is my mind.
Hopeless idealism and hopeful nihilism,
Balanced turmoil.

Seasonal Madness

Christmas comes but once a year
Bringing lots of joy and cheer.
So why do I feel nothing but sadness
And the onslaught of seasonal madness?

“Such a Scrooge,” they say,
“Cheer up,” in an obligatory way,
“Don’t be so miserable.”
“Fuck you.. I’d rather be invisible”

‘Tis the season, the season of goodwill
Yet they increase your festive bill.
Laying upon their joy and cheer
The fat cats grin, “Another good year.”

Christmas comes but once a year
Forcing lots of joy and cheer.
“Have some wine, just a smidge.”
“I’m going to jump off a bridge.”