Nature’s relief

He sat there on the edge of the square with a full week of weighing him down and flooding his mind with bureaucratic drivel. His mind was awash with the sound of urban chaos, the battle cries of traffic, the aggravated beeping of horns and the anger of battle scared van drudging through the trenches. The square was filled with a thousand voices from a thousand cites, he could separate languages and accent from every continent but without focus it was a wall of sound, a nightmare, an assault on my soul, maddening white noise, the ringing in your ears. “Am I insane?” he thought. He needed to speak to her, she was the only cure. He takes out his phone and shakily types out, ‘Take me to the forest, I’ve had enough of this place…’ He takes off his tie and unbuttons his slave collar giving him a moment of mental respite. His phone vibrates in his hand, he never let it go, his stomach churns at the potential of this message. ‘okay, I’ll come get you now :)’. Silence falls instantly, the war cries of a battling city dissipate and the stress flows out at the thought of being in the forest with her.


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